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Virus Research News

Nir Drayman, PhD appointed member of the Center for Virus Research

Please join us in congratulating Nir Drayman, PhD (Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry) on being appointed a member of the Center for Virus Research!
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Thomas E. Lane, PhD to give the Glenn Hatton Lecture at the UC Riverside 16th Annual SoCal Symposium on Glial-Neuronal Interactions in Health and Disease on February 10, 2023

Dr. Lane's keynote lecture will be on "Evaluating the Role of Microglia in Host Defense and Repair in a Model of Viral-Induced Neurologic Disease". Please see our Events page for registration information and the symposium program and schedule.
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Job Postings

Sanjana Sen is currently hiring a graduate intern at Genentech in peptide discovery for 12 weeks in the summer. The role involves phage display library generation, screening and biochemical (ELISA, SPR, BLI) and functional analysis (in vitro and cell-based). Link to ...
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Congratulations to Coleen Cunningham and Andrew Noymer who were recognized in the Orange County Register’s 125 most influential people for 2022!

Dr. Coleen Cunningham Cunningham, the chair for the UCI Department of Pediatrics and senior vice president and pediatrician-in-chief for CHOC, leads national and international pediatric clinical trials in RSV vaccine studies for young children, one of which was recently published the ...
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Congratulations to Tom Lane on two recently published papers

Sun, Z., H. Zhao, D. Fang, C.T. Davis, D.S. Shi, K. Lei, B.E. Rich, J.M. Winter, L. Guo, L.K. Sorensen, Z. Tong, K.R. Thomas, A.L. Mueller, A.H. Grossman, B. Zhang, T.E. Lane, R.S. Fujinami, S.J. Odelberg, and W. Zhu (2022). ARF6 activation ...
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Congratulations to Alexis Bouin and Bert Semler on their recently published paper in the Journal of Virology

Bouin A, Vu MN, Al-Hakeem A, Tran GP, Nguyen JHC, Semler BL. Enterovirus-Cardiomyocyte Interactions: Impact of Terminally Deleted Genomic RNAs on Viral and Host Functions. J Virol. 2022 Dec 8:e0142622. doi: 10.1128/jvi.01426-22. PMID: 36475766.
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The Center for Virus Research (CVR) aims to foster scholarship, training, and collaborative research at UCI across many disciplines, based on studies founded in molecular virology.

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