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UC Irvine-led research team creates novel rabies viral vectors for neural circuit mapping

New tools can detect microstructural changes in aging and Alzheimer’s disease brain neurons The UCI School of Medicine team members who helped develop new viral vectors that will advance neural circuit mapping include, from left, front row: Michele Wu, Alexis ...
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Congratulations to Nir Drayman!

Please join us in congratulating Nir Drayman on his newly published paper "mSphere of Influence:Virology in the noise—how cell-to-cell variability impacts viral infection outcomes". Please click Read More for the link to the paper. Link to published paper.
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Congratulations to José Morán!

Please join us in congratulating José Morán, recipient of the Rose Hills Foundation Science & Engineering Fellowship. The fellowship provides financial support and recognizes and rewards UCI's most meritorious graduate students who are pursuing a PhD or Master's degree in ...
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Congratulations to Paul Gershon!

Please join us in congratulating the Gershon lab on their newly published paper that reveals the atomic structure and assembly pathway of a protein that constitutes around 14% of the mass of vaccinia virus. Please click Read More for the ...
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Congratulations to Stephanie Salazar Virology T32 Recipient and Lavanya Manjunath CVR Graduate Fellowship Recipient

Please join us in congratulating Stephanie Salazar (Koyuncu Lab) on her appointment to the Virology T32 training grant. Stephanie joins José Morán and Gema Olivarria who were reappointed to the Virology T32 training grant. Please join us in congratulating Lavanya ...
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UCI biologists to study COVID-19 link to Alzheimer’s

Congratulations to Tom Lane, CVR Director, and Kim Green who received a two-year Alzheimer's Association grant to support their novel research! UCI biologists Kim Green and Tom Lane have been awarded $250,000 from the Alzheimer’s Association to assess how COVID-19 ...
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The Center for Virus Research (CVR) aims to foster scholarship, training, and collaborative research at UCI across many disciplines, based on studies founded in molecular virology.

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