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A new threat?


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Bert L. Semler gave the John Holland Plenary lecture at the 2022 American Society for Virology Meeting

Bert L. Semler gave the John Holland Plenary lecture on "Persistent Enterovirus Genomic Variants and their Involvement in Cardiac Pathogenesis" at the 2022 American Society for Virology Meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Congratulations to Dr. Roberto Tinoco and his lab members for their newly published paper.

Dr. Tinoco and his lab members recently published a paper in Frontiers in Immunology. You may view the paper here.
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Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Wagar

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Wagar, Assistant Professor Biophysics and Physiology, for being selected as a recipient of the the inaugural Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology for her essay entitled “Small centers of defense: Deciphering immune responses to viruses and vaccines ...
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Younger kids: To vax or not to vax? That is the question

 “The younger the children were, the more hesitant the parents were to have them vaccinated,” Hopfer said.Read the article here
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Is the contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus a threat to Orange County?

Andrew Noymer, a UC Irvine professor of population health and disease prevention, said he’s not currently worried about the variant because transmission of the virus is low, which he attributes partly to the seasonal nature of the virus. Read the ...
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COVID isn’t spread by mosquitoes. But the next pandemic might be

Anthony A. James, a professor of molecular biology and biochemistry at UC Irvine, told me the Aedes mosquito previously had a tough time gaining a foothold in California “because winters were cool and long enough to challenge their survival.” “As ...
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