Facilities & Services

McGaugh Hall

Biosafety Laboratory 2+ Facility

This laboratory is available to support work at the BSL2+level.  Managed by the Center for Virus Research and located in McGaugh Hall, it is fully equipped for tissue culture and virology manipulation.  This space is shared and many faculty members across campus are utilizing it for virus related work.

Please contact Ginny Wu for more information.

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Facility

Please contact  Facility Director, Professor Paul D. Gershon for more information:

(949) 824-9606 or (949) 824-7954

  • Single nanoLC-MS/MS run with database search: $90
  • “MudPIT-in-a-stage-tip”: $400
  • 6plex TMT labeling and fractionation: $2,500
  • Unexpected complexity in sample preparation:  $80/hour (salary and consumables)
Natural Sciences Bldg 1

Other Services

UCI Genomics High Throughput Facility
Director:  Dr. Suzanne Sandmeyer

UCI Computational Biology Research Laboratory (CBRL)
Director:  Dr. Pierre Baldi

Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics (in silico)
Director:  Dr. Pierre Baldi